Fono Labs

Fono Labs emerged from a shared passion for the limitless possibilities of virtual reality (VR). Our founding team, a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, game designers, and visionaries, united with a common goal: to break down the barriers of physical distance through VR.

Our journey began in a small, vibrant studio where creativity and innovation were the cornerstones. Here, the initial idea of using VR to connect people in meaningful ways took shape. The studio, buzzing with ideas and collaborative energy, became the birthplace of our unique approach to VR experiences.

Beyond Play – Crafting Connections

At Fono Labs, we see VR as a portal to boundless interactions, a tool to redefine digital communication. Our mission is to create immersive VR experiences that not only entertain but connect. Our flagship cooperative game Desert Drifters, designed to bring friends together in shared virtual adventures, embodies this mission.

As we continue to grow and innovate, our core values remain unchanged. We believe in the power of teamwork, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our team, now larger but as dedicated as ever, is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of VR.


Etymology! (ety-what-logy??)

The name of our studio comes from the name of our debut game Fono. Fono is derived from the word phonon (Fonón in Slovak language). As photons are light particles, phonons can be thought of as sound particles.

The concept of phonons was introduced in 1932 by Soviet physicist Igor Tamm. The name phonon comes from the Greek word φωνή (phonē), which translates to sound or voice, because long-wavelength phonons give rise to sound. The name is analogous to the word photon.




Miroslav Beka (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer)

Miroslav Beka, an alumnus of Comenius University with a background in Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics, began his career as an Automation Engineer at companies like ESET and Kistler. Transitioning to freelancing, he worked on diverse projects and created online courses in Python and Data Science. The completion of our first game sparked his interest in game development, combining his programming and audio design skills with a focus on VR. At Fono Labs, Miroslav is a Unity Generalist, specializing in game mechanics, 3D asset pipelines, shaders, and VR optimization.


Peter Gonda (Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer )

Peter Gonda, a graduate from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics, discovered his passion for game design after a transformative journey, including work in Iceland and global travels. His career in game design took off at Bohemia Interactive, contributing to projects like Survivor Gamez, DayZ, and Arma. Later, he played a pivotal role at 9 Rocks Games, designing ‘Way of the Hunter’. Peter co-founded Fono Labs alongside his tenure at 9 Rocks, dedicating himself fully to the studio after years of multitasking in the industry. His lifelong love for games fuels his creativity and commitment to innovative game design at Fono Labs.


// Fono Labs Team

Jakub Čulák (3D artist)

Jakub, trained in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, brings his passion for 3D modeling to Fono Labs. His expertise, ranging from photogrammetry to animated visuals, enhances our game development process. At Fono Labs, Jakub’s skills are pivotal in crafting immersive and visually stunning gaming experiences.


Filip Goliaš (3d artist)

Filip, hailing from Košice and a graduate of the Vocational Art School, is a versatile artist at Fono Labs with a flair for both 3D and 2D graphics. His skills extend from digital painting to sophisticated use of tools like Illustrator and Procreate. With experience from Vectary and contributions to the game TOWERACE, Filip now focuses on creating compelling 3D assets for our gaming projects at Fono Labs. He also likes marketing which is weird 🙂


Tomáš Létal (concept artist)

Tomáš, a technical program graduate from Brno with a lifelong passion for drawing, found his true calling in concept art. Initially starting as a Graphic Designer, his journey led him to explore and excel in illustrating for board games. At Fono Labs, Tomáš now specializes in creating evocative visual concepts for video games, using his talent to weave emotions, stories, and worlds that captivate and inspire. His experience with projects like Bulanci at Sleepteam showcases his ability to bring imaginative game environments to life.


Juraj Maruška (3d artist)

A University of Hertfordshire graduate in Game Design, our team member returned to Slovakia to contribute to the development of Deadness VR at Alien Studio. It was there that a chance meeting with Miro led to joining our current project at Fono Labs. After a stint in freelancing, they embarked on creating 3D graphics for an Australian studio’s roguelike dungeon crawler, Wanderers, now their full-time pursuit, showcasing a blend of creativity and technical expertise.


Tomáš Csütörtöky (graphic designer)

Tomas, affectionately known as Csuty, is a skilled graphic designer with a background in computer graphics from the Faculty of Mathematics. Prior to joining Fono Labs, he honed his craft in various aspects of graphic design, from logos to print media. As a freelancer, Csuty not only brings his design expertise but also contributes valuable insights into the gaming industry, keeping the team updated with the latest news and trends.